Who we are

Who we are? We are a group of citizens willing to ensure that the society becomes more sustainable, and that the CO2 emission reduction targets will be met, not only by enforcing macro economic policies, such as CO2 taxes and investment rules, but also through cultural changes.

sustainable ads : Ask not what your can do for tou planet.
Ask what YOU can do for your planet.
Sustainable ads.

To this aim, we think the first step is to ensure that advertising for high emission consumer products, such as plane tickets, cars, fossile based energy, holidays in remote countries etc. should be strictly controlled.

In other words, Ryanair ads where basically Ryanair can advertise that it will generate 1 or more ton of CO2 by selling 5 euros promotional tickets should be banned.

We believe that EU action is needed.

We believe that it is possible, for instance, ads for alcohol and tobacco products are already strictly regulated.

We believe that CO2 reduction targets will be easier to achieve if CO2 intensive products are not advertised anymore.

We believe that tensions and schizophrenic behaviours regarding CO2 emissions will decrease if ads for unsustainable products are banned.

We are happy to engage with you, you may write to us at contact@sustainableads.eu

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